Building Permit Expedite Service takes the hassle of getting a building permit away from you. We serve Orange County area and surrounding cities.

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In addition to supporting your building project with a range of services, we also work closely with local plan examiners and understand their procedures, putting us one step ahead at expediting your permit.  We obtain time commitments for completion of the review, as well as the approval of your permit application, keeping you on schedule and on track.
Design Engineering:
Selecting an experienced engineer appropriate for the job is crucial to any building project.  We will help select an engineer, review the plan with you for any corrections, and organize it for submittal to the city.
HOA Corrections:
HOA (Home Owners Association) submittal can sometimes be faced with challenges.  Regardless of where you are in the submittal process, we can prepare of the plans and application for submission to your HOA, or review existing plans and/or corrections requested by your HOA.
Site Plan Preparation:

If required, we can provide off-site or on-site Drafting Services in preparation for your building project. We will review the job and order Soil Reports for a reasonable fee.  We will then review the reports for corrections and revisions in preparing for the selection of a geologist.

Should you or your client only require one or a few elements to complete your building project, we are happy to provide those as well, including but not limited to the following:
Permit Research
Design Review, Planning, and Consulting
As-Built permits
Conditional Use Permits
Over the counter permits (for minor electrical or plumbing)
Permit Renewals
Fire department Approvals
Tenant Improvement approvals
Engineer Title 24
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